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Update to all the themes

I released just now a small but critical update to all my themes. With one of the previous updates I broke the “Gallery” feature in Explorer. The Gallery is that option you can select in photo albums to show up a lightbox slide show instead of redirecting the visitor to single photo pages (see picture). […]

Tutorials: “Customize styles in Sandvox” updated

One of the most viewed pages in this website is the tutorial to customize styles in Sandvox via CSS injection. The tutorial was written for Sandvox 1 and a few things are changed in Sandvox 2. The best one is the possibility to inject code directly into the CSS file, saving a few bytes and […]

Three designs updated

Minor updates released to Sugar, Lake and Carbone to add support to Sandvox 2.

This is the plan

Sandvox 2 is about to come and I’m thrilled by some new features it will sport. I’m also frightened by the work I have to do to update my designs, though! I decided to take it easy and to make a big plan. This is the plan.

Update for Lake (with bonus design)

Lake Sandvox design now comes with a second, “greyish” design whose name is “Lake (Graphite)”. I fixed a couple of bugs too.