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Support suspended

Due to personal reasons, support will be unavailable for this whole week. I’ll replay to all the emails starting from Monday, 21st Jan. Thank you for your understanding.

Late July news

This is a brief update before I leave for my definitely well-deserved summer vacations :-) Support is not guaranteed until September 1st; I’ll check my e-mail from time to time, but my possibility to reply and solve problems will be impaired. All my designs are created from scratch for Sandvox 2 and all of them […]

On vacation till August 31st

I’ll be on vacation until August 31st, so support is suspended for around 1 month. See you in September!

No support till Dec 1st

I’m leaving for a trip to London, where I hope to spend a good time and relax. For this reason, no support is guaranteed till I come back to Rome later next week. In December everything will be as usual and hopefully I’ll be back working on some new theme. See you in few days!

Back to work (apparently)

I’m slowly re-starting after a long (and – believe me – deserved!) vacation. I’m overwhelmed by how many things I have to do before I can go back to my usual routine, more than I expected. Moreover, it turns out I’m probably allergic to my glasses and this is quite a problem (because I need […]

On vacation!

I’m packing! I’ll be on vacation for the whole month of August. We’re boiling here in Rome and it’s time to go to the seaside, where I can spend my time lazily floating in the water (I’ll be one of those tiny dots in the picture). Thanks to my iPhone, I’ll receive my e-mails anyway […]