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Welcome to the new BehindTheRabbit

Here we are! Welcome to the new BehindTheRabbit. First of all, BehindTheRabbit sports a brand new look, built on a customized version of twitter bootstrap and retina-friendly. There are changes in the content as well: the support section has been completely reorganized and searching posts in the blog should be more rational now. To celebrate […]

Major reorganization imminent

BehindTheRabbit is undergoing a major reorganization: in the next weeks a number of changes are to be expected involving different areas. First of all, Hydrogen is temporarily not available for sale. This is – I repeat – a temporary situation and the reason will be announced soon. This doesn’t mean that Hydrogen is end-of-life: as […]


After a couple of weeks of hard work (it took much longer than I thought) today I finally completed this website’s massive redesign. The orginal website was built two years ago and things weren’t all clear at that time; adding things one at a time made the whole site become confuse: it was the time […]

New graphics for BehindTheRabbit

After three long days of drawing and coding, I’m happy to announce that the new version of BehindTheRabbit’s website is now officially online.

Demo site temporarily down

As you probably noticed, all my demo sites are hosted on a different domain (and previously they were at a different address): I was looking for the best solution, with no hurry (and definitely not worrying about SEO…). As a matter of fact, the subscription to my provider has expired and this is entirely my […]

New home page

I’ve never been a fan of my own home page (!) so, having a couple of free hours, I decided to try something different. I don’t know if you like it ¬†but in my opinion is much better now. In the meantime I’m back to my first and true love, WordPress. I completed a full […]

Website update

Few changes more to this website. We now have three different sections, one for each class of themes/designs (Sandvox, RapidWeaver and WordPress) and each one with its own color. This is to assess clearly that themes developed for one platform are not compatible with another one. The home page now presents only the option to […]

New URI for the blog

After the release of the third paid design for Sandvox, which seems to be by far the most appreciated one, it’s time to go on with this website optimization. I know how annoying is to change URIs and addresses, but sometimes it has to be done and it’s better to have some rough time in […]

New theme for the blog

As you can see, I applied the new “Dark Rabbit” theme for the blog too. This theme could be released as a Sandvox design: I’m working on it but I would like to add some features, so I’m not sure when it will be available. Feel free to suggest in the comments to this post¬†anything […]

The Store is ready

After 30 hours of coding I finally implemented my own solution to integrate PayPal Express Checkout, I created an interface to the DB to handle products, I hacked PayPal landing page to create a fast and secure download. I put it all online and it worked surprisingly well. I was starting my final beta test, […]