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Updates and future plans

This has been a difficult month for me, so I apologize for the delay in my replies to support requests. Things are (almost) back to normal now, so I’ back at work now. First of all, I issued just now a minor update to Krypton: in the “Gallery” theme and option, submenus arrows were hidden. […]

Late July news

This is a brief update before I leave for my definitely well-deserved summer vacations :-) Support is not guaranteed until September 1st; I’ll check my e-mail from time to time, but my possibility to reply and solve problems will be impaired. All my designs are created from scratch for Sandvox 2 and all of them […]

Updates and hierarchical menus

The most common support request so far is: “How do I activate hierarchical menus?”. This is very common and it means that something is wrong, so I’ll try to explain at my best what’s going on and how to manage this situation. First of all, you don’t need to activate hierarchical menus: they are active by […]