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Simple Rabbit 3.0 released

Simple Rabbit 3.0 has been released just now. It is a huge update. First of all, it’s retina-ready (if you’re using Sandvox 2.8, of course). Few things were missing, that now are available (blockquotes, for example). I refined everything I could without modifying the original look (carets, navigation arrows, box shadows and so on). Moreover, […]

Update for some designs

I released just now an update for all the bugged designs (you can read here about the small bug affecting some designs with Sandvox 2.8). I was hoping to add retina support already with this round of updates, but I didn’t manage to. This requires more time and work than expected and – in my […]

Bug in some designs with Sandvox 2.8

Updates to all the involved designs have been released. Check your mailbox to get the download link. Some designs are currently affected by a (harmless) bug when used in Sandvox 2.8. When working in Sandvox, images contained inside a pagelet are aligned to the left, as in this image: When you publish or export your […]

Price drop for 4 Sandvox Designs

I’m pleased to announce that four Sandvox Designs are now available for $7.90 instead of $9.90. This is the first of a series of announcements that will be gradually released in the next weeks. The designs involved are: Sugar Lake Simple Rabbit Blue Raymond

Orange Rabbit is now “Simple Rabbit”

Simple Rabbit is the new, Sandvox-2-ready version of the design previously known as “Orange Rabbit”. It coes in four basic variations (orange, green, red, blue), but you can easily change the main color with just one line of code.

Orange Rabbit 1.0.1

Before I start new projects it’s important to keep up-to-date all of my themes. This little update to Orange Rabbit was long awaited and finally I decided to release it. It’s just a new design for navigation arrows: they were orange but, obviously, if you change the color of your page with Sandvox Pro (instructions […]

Orange Rabbit

Orange Rabbit, my second paid Sandvox Design, has been released just now. As you can see, it’s based on the WordPress theme used for this blog (which will be probably┬áchanged soon to the same one of the rest of this website). It supports custom logo, custom banner, bordered callouts (not pagelets). Moreover, it sports bonus […]