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Sandvox 2.5 with Lion support

Karelia just released Sandvox 2.5 (both via their website and the Mac App Store) with a bunch of new features. Among them: Full Lion support: full screen app, auto-save, versions A new slide-show object with automatic transitions (very nice and useful for a richer experience – try it with some creativity!) Spanish and Italian (yeah!) […]

Upgrading to Sandvox 2, pt. 3. Upgrading your design.

Updating a new Sandvox-2-only design with a double click may lead to duplicated copies (both old and new versions of your design). This is how you can avoid this issue.

Upgrading to Sandvox 2: pt. 2. Two copies of Sandvox?

The first issue you may encounter when proceeding to a major upgrade is compatibility and Sandvox is no exception. Most of the times you will feel a slight disappointment because things don’t work or look as usual: this is normal, but you have many reasons to fight this feeling.

Upgrading to Sandvox 2: pt. 1

Sandvox 2 is a great piece of work and I strongly suggest everybody to upgrade. Nevertheless, any major upgrade may produce some unexpected results and sometimes a few issues. I think it could be a good idea to share some thoughts and experiences for the upgrade.

Sandvox 2

Sandvox 2 is currently in beta and it will be soon officially released. It’s a major update and it will be very, very good. Any major update brings new features and, along with them, sometimes a few backward compatibility problems. As far as I can see, my themes work well with Sandvox 2, but I’m still testing. Anyway, this is my plan.

Sandvox 1.6.2

Karelia released today Sandvox 1.6.2: it’s strongly suggested to upgrade. From Karelia’s mailing list: We have just released Sandvox 1.6.2.  This is an important bugfix update that all Sandvoxers should update to.  It fixes a rarely-seen problem that could result in data loss, so we recommend you update your copy of Sandvox to this version. This update also […]

Sandvox 1.6.1

A minor update to Sandvox (1.6.1) is available, with a long list of fixes and improvements.

Sandvox 1.6 is available

Version 1.6 of Sandvox is now available for download. This update sports many new features, among which: Support for two new blog commenting systems (Disqus and IntenseDebate) You can add meta data to your page You can browse plug-ins and designs directly from within the application Due to a minor revision in the way the […]