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Thank you, Steve

A few words here.

I’m a teapot!

Introducing my new blog about geeky stuff: I’m a teapot!

A brief update

An update on RapidWeaver development, the next Sandvox Design and a new blog coming soon.

Update on BtR

Few lines to explain what’s going on here and why there’s no update since a while. First of all, after a couple of really tough years (I think that my main job – psychotherapist – is a strong indicator of economical crisis and of some massive culture phoenomenons and these last years have been really […]

My new personal webpages

A lot of work these days to totally redesign my personal web pages. My previous website wasn’t organized, was mainly in italian and moreover it was a subfolder of another site, one of my (too) many projects. I moved the new one to its own domain (it’s the first time I use the “.me” suffix). […]

Don’t panic

Happy Towel Day!

A Separate World

“A Separate World” is a new interactive comic for iPhone and iPod Touch. The user experience is really original, something I haven’t seen yet. Moreover, the illustrator is the author of BehindTheRabbit’s original logo. He is the illustrator of Cotus & Leon too¬†(and my cousin, so this post is not totally unrelated to BehindTheRabbit…) :-) […]