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Krypton Pro and Lithium updated

I just released an update to Krypton Pro and Lithium. With Sandvox 2.8.6 some inconsistencies came out and these updates fix them. Krypton Pro (v. 2.0.1): Fixed a bug affecting arrows/carets on non-retina screens Fixed a bug affecting long submenu items, that now wrap correctly Lithium (v. 1.0.4): Fixed a bug affecting WinXP users who […]

Lithium: change header colors

Lithium comes in three flavors (dark blue, green and red), but this doesn’t mean you can’t have your header in pink or yellow with a bright red text (or maybe something more subtle…). The code for customizing your header is quite simple. Here is an example. This, to change the background to a solid black […]

Lithium: prevent the banner from tiling

Lithium’s header is full-width. This means that its width is fluid and varies according to the browser window’s width (which is, of course, variable and unpredictable). The only option you have to customize this part of your website is using a solid background, a pattern or a gradient because the image will be tiled to […]

Welcome to the new BehindTheRabbit

Here we are! Welcome to the new BehindTheRabbit. First of all, BehindTheRabbit sports a brand new look, built on a customized version of twitter bootstrap and retina-friendly. There are changes in the content as well: the support section has been completely reorganized and searching posts in the blog should be more rational now. To celebrate […]