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How to create round images

Round images are a recent trend in web design, one I rather like if it’s used in moderation. CSS3 lets us to transform a square image into a round one with just few lines of code. In this example, we will use round images as thumbnails for a “Staff” section of a hypothetical website. It’s […]

Find the right image for your post

Blogs are composed by a long flow of text: to help your reader distinguish between different posts, you usually rely on a good amount of whitespace, nice typography for titles and subtitles, some graphics, and so on. But it’s important that your readers have some more informations at the first glance: for example, just opening a page they should be able to know if there are new posts, how many, and – more or less – what are they about. You can easily achieve this goal using images: how can you find the right one?