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Update to the twitter widget

I recently wrote a short tutorial for adding a twitter timeline to your website. The code apparently changed without notice and it doesn’t work anymore as expected. You may need to fix it: the original post has been already updated with the new procedure.

Tips for embedding twitter on your website

Update (2013-05-31): this post has been updated to reflect recent changes in how twitter handles widgets. Sandvox had (it’s gone now with version 2.7.7) an useful “twitter” object for embedding a twitter timeline on your website with just a click. You can still use an HTML raw object to use twitter’s own presentation and have a […]

A different use for the blockquote object: code!

This is a tip – particularly useful for coders – sent by my customer Jörg (thank you!) that I’d like to share. If you already know that you don’t need the “blockquote” object, you may find an alternate use of it. In this example, we will use it as a ready-made object for code. Of […]

Markdown makes your life easier

From time to time it’s necessary to write down something directly in HTML. Usually it isn’t strictly code, it’s just some formatted text that you’ll paste into an HTML editor in WordPress or into a Raw HTML object or page in Sandvox or RapidWeaver. You may prefer to have it directly in HTML because there’s some […]

Learn the basics of HTML and CSS

Programming isn’t an easy stuff usually and people is often scared by even the thought of dealing with some HTML code. Actually, once you get a few basic principles, HTML and CSS turn out to be really easy to understand, create and modify. Moreover, you just need a text editor (like TextEdit on the Mac or Notepad for Windows) to work with them, nothing else.

Safari inspector

I wrote a new micro-tutorial about Safari inspector and its use to know more about your webpages’ style. I’m not satisfied with it (it could be clearer), consider it as a draft. Anyway, it’s here.