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Change metrics for Carbone and Grafite

Carbone and Grafite are two of the most successful themes by BehindTheRabbit. They are two “twin” designs, meaning that they share many characteristics; among them, most of their metrics. A common request about them is: “Can I increase their width”? They are both 900px wide, which is suitable for most purposes but narrower than the […]

Reduce header’s height in Hydrogen & Kryptonite (2)

This post is an update to a previous post about both Hydrogen and Krypton which is now outdated (Hydrogen has been completely rewritten to be bundled in Sandvox 2). Let’s say we want the header to be 120px tall. For Kryptonite and Krypton Pro, nothing has changed: #title {height:120px;} For Hydrogen the situation has become […]

Lithium: prevent the banner from tiling

Lithium’s header is full-width. This means that its width is fluid and varies according to the browser window’s width (which is, of course, variable and unpredictable). The only option you have to customize this part of your website is using a solid background, a pattern or a gradient because the image will be tiled to […]

Reduce the header’s height in Hydrogen and Krypton

I already wrote about this but for an easier access it needs a post on its own. There’s a debate about the position of the sitemenu: usually it’s placed below the header, but with my recent themes I decided to put it on top of the page. Someone likes it, someone doesn’t, it’s a matter of […]

Updates and future plans

This has been a difficult month for me, so I apologize for the delay in my replies to support requests. Things are (almost) back to normal now, so I’ back at work now. First of all, I issued just now a minor update to Krypton: in the “Gallery” theme and option, submenus arrows were hidden. […]

Hydrogen: custom banner and hidden title

Update: this code is no longer required. If you’re using Sandvox 2.8 (with the bundled version 2.8 of Hydrogen) you can safely remove it. Despite its simple look, Hydrogen’s layout is slightly more complex than usual: for example, sitemenu is on top and the title is contained inside a box with text aligned at its […]