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Change metrics for Carbone and Grafite

Carbone and Grafite are two of the most successful themes by BehindTheRabbit. They are two “twin” designs, meaning that they share many characteristics; among them, most of their metrics. A common request about them is: “Can I increase their width”? They are both 900px wide, which is suitable for most purposes but narrower than the […]

Grafite 3.0

Grafite 3.0 is a major update to Grafite, following (with an unforgivable delay…) the similar update to its twin Design, Carbone. As for Carbone, this update doesn’t add any visible feature, all the work is under the hood. So, if you’re ok with Grafite 2.x and you don’t feel comfortable with updating your design, this […]

Update for some designs

I released just now an update for all the bugged designs (you can read here about the small bug affecting some designs with Sandvox 2.8). I was hoping to add retina support already with this round of updates, but I didn’t manage to. This requires more time and work than expected and – in my […]

Bug in some designs with Sandvox 2.8

Updates to all the involved designs have been released. Check your mailbox to get the download link. Some designs are currently affected by a (harmless) bug when used in Sandvox 2.8. When working in Sandvox, images contained inside a pagelet are aligned to the left, as in this image: When you publish or export your […]

Studio Macbeth won an Emmy

Congrats to Studio Macbeth on their Emmy Award!


Few months ago I received a support request for Grafite, and I shared some css code to tweak the theme a little bit. The results were good, but still my customer didn’t get what she was looking for exactly. Most of the times, if use Sandvox, you know that you have boundaries you can’t cross and you’re ready to accept this. But from time to time some requests seem very logical and make me think: “Oh, I should have done this”.

Grafite 1.1 and Grafite Mini

Here we are! A new version of Grafite is finally out and it sports a bonus new design: Grafite Mini. What’s new: first of all, bordered/unbordered pagelets for sidebar too; then, movie pages now have the same look as photo pages; and if you use a sidebar, it’s because you want a page to look […]

Grafite 1.1 in beta

After a long, long pause, I’m back at work. My first goal is to update a few themes, starting with Grafite and Orange Rabbit. The former is ready for some beta testing, so I think it will be released in a couple of days.

Grafite update planned

Grafite for Sandvox will be updated soon (to version 1.1). If you have feature requests, this is the right time to send them (or add a comment to this post)! This is what is planned so far: Print style sheet Bordered sidebar pagelets Some fancy styling for “strong” tags Code optimization, if possible, to enhance […]

Grafite for Sandvox

Starting from the same framework of Carbone I managed to develop a new theme in just one day (I think it’s my personal record and it will be hard to do better…). Grafite is a dark-grey/almost-black design for Sandvox. Avoiding unnecessary shadows and graphics I managed to keep the size at 900px making more room […]