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New Design: Beryllium

I’m glad to announce the release of a new Sandvox Design: Beryllium. Beryllium is a 960grid-based theme with a light gray background and a flat design. Photo grid thumbnails are slightly larger than usual (140px). A particular attention is given to typography and whitespace. One of its specific features is the possibility for images to […]

Why I’m not going Responsive

This article will make a lot of people sad and a lot of people angry. Likely, customers will be in the first group, web designers in the second one. But this is how I think at this time (this is not some kind of ideological statement) and I have to come clean about it because […]

Don’t be seduced by the Dark Side

The Web 2.0 hype isn’t over yet and we’re already talking about Web 3.0. The new trend is all about animations, fancy rollovers, glossy look, sliding and sweeping, advanced interactions. Your old, flat blog seems suddenly so boring. Well, don’t be seduced by the dark side and remember that – doesn’t matter how posh your website looks – usability is its first priority.

Find the right image for your post

Blogs are composed by a long flow of text: to help your reader distinguish between different posts, you usually rely on a good amount of whitespace, nice typography for titles and subtitles, some graphics, and so on. But it’s important that your readers have some more informations at the first glance: for example, just opening a page they should be able to know if there are new posts, how many, and – more or less – what are they about. You can easily achieve this goal using images: how can you find the right one?

First tutorial: learn more about colors

Even if you use Sandvox or Rapidweaver, some knowledge about how things work is often useful. I wrote my first tutorial about colors. Let me know what you think about it: is it too easy? too complicated? useful or useless? What the next tutorial should be about?