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Demo site fixed [updated]

The upgrade to Lion brought me a very unpleasant surprise: few days before my vacation the demo site was unexplainably broken with Safari 5.1. I double-checked the script and I was absolutely sure it was fine (actually it is the script for style-switching) but I didn’t have the time to manage the situation. I’m still […]

Late July news

This is a brief update before I leave for my definitely well-deserved summer vacations :-) Support is not guaranteed until September 1st; I’ll check my e-mail from time to time, but my possibility to reply and solve problems will be impaired. All my designs are created from scratch for Sandvox 2 and all of them […]

New Demo site

A new demo site for Sandvox Designs is now online. You can switch on the fly between themes with just one click.

Demo sites back online [updated]

The demo site is running again at a temporary address, it will stay there for a while, long enough to find a better solution. Ok, now let’s go on withe better news: the new design is ready and available (read next post for it). [Jul 22nd, 2010] – Update: new and definitive link is http://www.behindtherabbit.biz/demo/. […]

Demo site temporarily down

As you probably noticed, all my demo sites are hosted on a different domain (and previously they were at a different address): I was looking for the best solution, with no hurry (and definitely not worrying about SEO…). As a matter of fact, the subscription to my provider has expired and this is entirely my […]