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Change metrics for Carbone and Grafite

Carbone and Grafite are two of the most successful themes by BehindTheRabbit. They are two “twin” designs, meaning that they share many characteristics; among them, most of their metrics. A common request about them is: “Can I increase their width”? They are both 900px wide, which is suitable for most purposes but narrower than the […]

Carbone 4.0

Version 4.0 is a major upgrade to Carbone, so that it is now up-to-date with all the other “second generation” designs (currently Lithium, Hydrogen, Krypton Pro and Simple Rabbit). Even if it looks almost exactly like its predecessor, Carbone 4 is a complete re-write. Before we start with its new features, some words for previous […]

Carbone: move the sidebar to the right side

Carbone comes in six colors, all with the sidebar placed on the left side of the page. There’s an extra design with the sidebar placed on the right side, but the only color available is the default one (orange). This choice was made to keep things as simple as possile for people who don’t like […]

Carbone 3.0

Carbone 3.0 is the first Sandvox Design by BehindTheRabbit re-written from scratch to support Sandvox 2. As far as I know – according to Karelia’s database – it is also one of the first third-party designs available with these characteristics.

Three designs updated

Minor updates released to Sugar, Lake and Carbone to add support to Sandvox 2.

Carbone 2.0

Carbone 2.0 is a major upgrade to my – by far! – most appreciated Sandvox Design. In this package, which is available for free to all previous customers, you’ll find not one but six different designs: five designs for five flavors (orange, dark blue, light blue, green, red); the sixth one is a variant of […]

Carbone 1.0.1

There was a small issue with Carbone (an error in the css file): the footer wasn’t displayed correctly on some browsers because of an error in the css file. I released a fix just now: if you purchased Carbone you should have already received an e-mail with a free download link to the new version […]

Carbone for Sandvox

Carbone is the Sandvox Design based on BehindTheRabbit’s own design and has been released just now. Fun – actually there are three different versions of this design: one for the website, one for the blog (WordPress) and one for Sandvox (which is the only one publicly released). I guess this means that I like it. […]

It’s official: this is the next design

Yes, I’m working on this website’s theme to port it to Sandvox. Most of the work is done. It will sport a choice of gradients for the header and maybe some extra features. It will be released on Tuesday, so I have more time to think about them. “Dark rabbit” is the name I chose […]