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A different use for the blockquote object: code!

This is a tip – particularly useful for coders – sent by my customer Jörg (thank you!) that I’d like to share. If you already know that you don’t need the “blockquote” object, you may find an alternate use of it. In this example, we will use it as a ready-made object for code. Of […]

Improve the “blockquote” object

In an HTML page you can use the <blockquote> tag to give emphasis to a chunk of text: most of the times it is used to display a block of quoted text. Sandvox 2.1 added a new blockquote object that does just this: it adds a blockquote tag to your page. This block of text […]

Late July news

This is a brief update before I leave for my definitely well-deserved summer vacations :-) Support is not guaranteed until September 1st; I’ll check my e-mail from time to time, but my possibility to reply and solve problems will be impaired. All my designs are created from scratch for Sandvox 2 and all of them […]