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How to use a custom Banner

Since this is a very common request, I decided to write a post about it to clarify how banners work in Sandvox. Many designs come with a choice of ready-made “banners” or “gradients”. For gradients, you can skip directly to this tutorial (the principle is the same). Banners are simple jpg images, sized to fit […]

Hydrogen: custom banner and hidden title

Update: this code is no longer required. If you’re using Sandvox 2.8 (with the bundled version 2.8 of Hydrogen) you can safely remove it. Despite its simple look, Hydrogen’s layout is slightly more complex than usual: for example, sitemenu is on top and the title is contained inside a box with text aligned at its […]

Tutorial: use the provided textures with your design

Since this is a frequent request, I wrote a short tutorial on how to use the textures and gradients that come with some BehindTheRabbit designs (like Carbone and Grafite). How to use gradients in your Sandvox Design