Lake is a wide Sandvox Design particularly suitable for websites that need rich text pages and blogs entries: its typography, colors and whitespace greatly improve readability of long text, granting the user a relaxing experience.


Variations included: 2 (Blue, Graphite)
Ideal banner width: 960×128px
Support for: Hierarchical menus, bordered pagelets, custom banner and logo
Other features: CSS3 effects, shadows, transitions
Sandvox-1 version included
Improved typography for printers

Lake sports a graphic “pin-like” bullet for the unordered lists.

Two designs are included in this package: the blue default theme and a less saturated grey theme.

If you’re still using Sandvox 1.6, the old, compatible version is still included.

What’s in the box

  • One Sandvox 2-only design, that includes both variations
  • Two legacy Lake 1.0 designs, included for compatibility with Sandvox 1.6

Price and requirements

Price: Free.


Latest version: 2.0.7 (207)