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Greatly appreciated by photographers, artists and performers, Grafite sports an overall dark-gray look; galleries are designed to let your visitor focus on images or movies with no distraction, offering at the same time a sophisticated look.

Readability is improved by large white text on the dark background; Grafite’s bordered pagelet are light gray, with a delicate gradient and shadow effect.

This brand new third version is completely redesigned to take full advantages of the latest technologies and Sandvox 2 features.


Two variations are available: Grafite and Grafite Mini. Moreover, with Site/Page Code Injection and just two lines of code you can easily customize your entire website or just single pages at will.

Grafite Mini is a simplified version of Grafite with no header, tagline, banner or logo support, ideal for websites focused on image or short text. It does its best with no sidebar – but you can use it if you need.

  • Grafite
  • Grafite Mini
Retina-ready: yes (Sandvox 2.8 required)
Support for:
  • Hierarchical menus
  • Bordered pagelets
  • Blockquote object
  • Custom banner (900×150px, 1800×300px for retina compatibility) (*)
  • Custom logo (*)
  • Ready-made code injections (read below)
  • 7 ready-made patterns for your header (to be used as banners – not retina ready)
  • Printer-friendly: a specific style sheet makes pages look good when printed.
  • Unobtrusive transitions and gradients on buttons, forms, sitemaps, image grids.
  • Extremely light: most graphics rely on code and CSS, not images, with optimal loading times

(*) Custom banner and custom logo are not available for Grafite Mini


Grafite Metrics


You can use and mix the following options using just two lines of code. These options are activated via Code Injection either site-wide or on a per-page basis. Choose the option or options you want to activate, according to this table:

Option Codename
Sidebar located on the right right-sidebar
Header aligned to the right header-right
Use a serif font (Georgia) instead of Lucida Grande (sans-serif) serif-font
Sitemenu aligned to the left menu-left
Centered page title (optimal for photo pages) page-title-center
Grafite “Mini” layout gallery-page

Other customization options

To change the header background to a solid color:

With different injections in different pages you can differentiate single pages of your website using a solid background color for your header (a dark red color in this example).

#title {background-color:#700; background-image:none;}

To change the background color to a lighter gray:

body {background-color:#454545;}

What’s new

If you are a previous Grafite user, this is what’s new for you:

  • Retina ready!
  • Support for the “blockquote” object has been added.
  • The maximum size of images has increased from 700px to 730px (pages with no sidebar) and from 500px to 570px (pages with sidebar). This means the images are now full-width.
  • The design is entirely built on CSS: no images anymore. This means faster loading times and more customization options.
  • Sub-menu carets and navigation arrows have a new look.
  • Dropped support for Sandvox 1.x. Sorry!
  • Other small fixes and improvements here and there.


Requirements: Sandvox 2.7 (Sandvox 2.8 or later for retina-ready websites).

Please, read our policy before you buy.

Latest version: 3.0 (3000)