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Beryllium is an all-purpose flat design for Sandvox available in six different colors (default blue, red, green, bright blue, orange, black).

Images can be full-width (up to 600px or 920px without sidebar) following a recent and growing trend in web design, increasingly common in blogs and text-rich websites.

Its clean design makes it very easily customizable with Site or Page Code Injection.

Other features are:

  • Images scale up to 920px in pages with no sidebar and up to 600px in pages with sidebar, going marginless on their sides. This is a growing design trend that is becoming very popular for blogs and text-rich websites.
  • Larger thumbnails for photo galleries (up to 140×140px)
  • Retina-ready for perfect visualization on retina screens.
  • Hierachical menus
  • Bordered pagelets (both sidebar and callout)
  • Custom banner
  • Custom logo
  • Blockquote object
  • Printer-friendly: a specific style sheet makes pages look good when printed.
  • Unobtrusive transitions on buttons, forms, sitemaps, image grids.


Beryllium metrics


Choose for your custom banner – if you need one – a 918×140px image. With Site or Page Code Injection you can change many of its features. Here are some examples.

Change the background color to a darker gray:

body {background-color:#999;}

Create your own color scheme (in this case #a65475 and #84435d):

a:link, a:visited,a:hover, a:active,
    .text-navigation a:hover, .text-navigation a:active,
    h1, h1 a, #title p {color:#a65475;}
#page-top, .bordered {border-top: 5px solid #a65475;}
#sitemenu-container {background-color: #a65475;}
.hasSubmenu ul {background-color: #a65475 !important;}
.gridItem:hover h3 a {color: #a65475 !important;}

#sitemenu .in:hover {background-color: #84435d !important;}


Beryllium requires Sandvox 2.8 or later.

Please, read our policy before you buy.

Latest version: 1.0 (1000)