Carbone: move the sidebar to the right side

Carbone comes in six colors, all with the sidebar placed on the left side of the page. There’s an extra design with the sidebar placed on the right side, but the only color available is the default one (orange). This choice was made to keep things as simple as possile for people who don’t like […]

Hydrogen: custom banner and hidden title

Update: this code is no longer required. If you’re using Sandvox 2.8 (with the bundled version 2.8 of Hydrogen) you can safely remove it. Despite its simple look, Hydrogen’s layout is slightly more complex than usual: for example, sitemenu is on top and the title is contained inside a box with text aligned at its […]

Improve the “blockquote” object

In an HTML page you can use the <blockquote> tag to give emphasis to a chunk of text: most of the times it is used to display a block of quoted text. Sandvox 2.1 added a new blockquote object that does just this: it adds a blockquote tag to your page. This block of text […]