BehindTheRabbit is closing

Dear BtR customer, Dear Sandvox user, Dear surfer of the Interwebs, BehindTheRabbit will be closing soon. It took some time to take this decision and to plan a way to leave the business which is fair to all my current customers and to the Sandvox community. Seven years ago I started this adventure more as […]

New Design: Beryllium

I’m glad to announce the release of a new Sandvox Design: Beryllium. Beryllium is a 960grid-based theme with a light gray background and a flat design. Photo grid thumbnails are slightly larger than usual (140px). A particular attention is given to typography and whitespace. One of its specific features is the possibility for images to […]

Karelia Software acquires Potion Factory

Great news from Karelia Software today: people at Potion Factory (creators of – among the others – The Hit List) are joining Karelia’s family. Here is the press release: The Hit List, I Love Stars, Tangerine! and Five Moku added to Sandvox and iMedia Browser Pasadena, Calif. – March 4, 2014 – Karelia Software today […]

New tutorial: Customize your background

A very common request is: how do I change the background of my design? Can I use a custom image? Or even different images for different sections of my website? Sandvox doesn’t provide a direct option to this, nevertheless this is a goal you can accomplish with few lines of code and an FTP program. […]

Change in currency

Just a quick post to inform you that from now on the currency used for all purchases on this website will be Euro (instead of US dollar). Most of my customers are from USA, I hope this will not disappoint them too much. As an Italian national and resident though, I need to move to […]

Krypton Pro and Lithium updated

I just released an update to Krypton Pro and Lithium. With Sandvox 2.8.6 some inconsistencies came out and these updates fix them. Krypton Pro (v. 2.0.1): Fixed a bug affecting arrows/carets on non-retina screens Fixed a bug affecting long submenu items, that now wrap correctly Lithium (v. 1.0.4): Fixed a bug affecting WinXP users who […]

Grafite 3.0

Grafite 3.0 is a major update to Grafite, following (with an unforgivable delay…) the similar update to its twin Design, Carbone. As for Carbone, this update doesn’t add any visible feature, all the work is under the hood. So, if you’re ok with Grafite 2.x and you don’t feel comfortable with updating your design, this […]

Tutorial: Ready-made Code

I just published a tutorial about the “Ready-made Code” ┬ásome Rabbit’s Designs provide. Instead of specifying the instructions on each page, now you can check this only page – which will also provide more information and will surely stay up-to-date.

Carbone 4.0

Version 4.0 is a major upgrade to Carbone, so that it is now up-to-date with all the other “second generation” designs (currently Lithium, Hydrogen, Krypton Pro and Simple Rabbit). Even if it looks almost exactly like its predecessor, Carbone 4 is a complete re-write. Before we start with its new features, some words for previous […]

Simple Rabbit 3.0 released

Simple Rabbit 3.0 has been released just now. It is a huge update. First of all, it’s retina-ready (if you’re using Sandvox 2.8, of course). Few things were missing, that now are available (blockquotes, for example). I refined everything I could without modifying the original look (carets, navigation arrows, box shadows and so on). Moreover, […]