New Design: Beryllium

berylliumI’m glad to announce the release of a new Sandvox Design: Beryllium.

Beryllium is a 960grid-based theme with a light gray background and a flat design. Photo grid thumbnails are slightly larger than usual (140px). A particular attention is given to typography and whitespace.

One of its specific features is the possibility for images to be marginless on their sides and to go full-width (so up to 600px or 920px, with/without sidebar). You might start to notice this kind of image presentation in many recent and popular websites.

Beryllium is available in six colors and, since it’s exclusively based on CSS, it’s highly customizable if you know how to play with code injection.

Beryllium is an all-purpose design: it’s suitable for blogs, corporate sites, personal pages and many other goals. I hope you’ll like it as a I do!