Lithium: change header colors

Lithium comes in three flavors (dark blue, green and red), but this doesn’t mean you can’t have your header in pink or yellow with a bright red text (or maybe something more subtle…). The code for customizing your header is quite simple. Here is an example.

This, to change the background to a solid black (you can also use a custom banner, of course; the CSS injection has a much better performance if you just need a solid color, though):

#page-top {background-image:none; background-color:#000;}

Add this to change the text color to orange:

#title h1, #title h1 a, #title p {color:#FF9900;}

Well, the thin line between the title and the tagline can be modified as well:

#title p .in {border-color:#FF9900;}

Change the color codes accordingly to your taste, of course. This code must be pasted into the “Style Sheet” panel of Site Code Injection.