Bug in some designs with Sandvox 2.8

Out of date

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Updates to all the involved designs have been released. Check your mailbox to get the download link.

Some designs are currently affected by a (harmless) bug when used in Sandvox 2.8. When working in Sandvox, images contained inside a pagelet are aligned to the left, as in this image:


When you publish or export your website everything looks as expected, though:


This bug has been already reported and doesn’t affect your published website, so you can keep working with your design.

An update to all designs is on its way but, other than fixing this, I would like to add retina support and maybe some more features, so it may take some time.

If you see any other unexpected behavior, please contact support.

Temporary fix

If you’re bothered by this bug, while you wait for an update, you can fix it by yourself (make a backup copy first, in case something goes wrong).

  1. Open the designs drawer
  2. Right-click on the bugged design
  3. Reveal the design in the Finder
  4. Right click on it, then show package content
  5. Open “main.css”
  6. Look for this line and delete it:
    img.graphic {display:block !important;}
  7. Save, close, restart Sandvox