Welcome to the new BehindTheRabbit

circle-rabbitHere we are!

Welcome to the new BehindTheRabbit. First of all, BehindTheRabbit sports a brand new look, built on a customized version of twitter bootstrap and retina-friendly. There are changes in the content as well: the support section has been completely reorganized and searching posts in the blog should be more rational now.

To celebrate this redesign, I’m releasing today a new Sandvox Design: Lithium, a white background, wide theme with gorgeous photo galleries. Lithium follows all the latest trends in web design (improved typography, flat design, CSS graphics, pure-CSS drop-down menus, balanced whitespace); moreover, with the upcoming version 2.8 of Sandvox you will be able to make your website retina-ready!

Hydrogen and Krypton are in the waiting line: there’s something behind the corner that I’m pretty sure will make you happy. Don’t peek! Just wait a few more days and stay tuned for further announcements.

Another new feature is BehindTheRabbit’s Newsletter: you can subscribe to receive news about new products or important updates. Your mailbox will not be spammed, I’m too lazy to write more than an e-mail every 1-2 months…

There’s something else in the pipeline, but it’s too early to talk about it. April has been a very busy month for the rabbits and the work is not finished yet.

Stay tuned!