How to use a custom Banner

Since this is a very common request, I decided to write a post about it to clarify how banners work in Sandvox.

Many designs come with a choice of ready-made “banners” or “gradients”. For gradients, you can skip directly to this tutorial (the principle is the same).

Banners are simple jpg images, sized to fit exactly into the header. Each design has its own header size and behaviour. For “behaviour” I mean that images that have a different size may be stretched or tiled to fill the whole space available: it depends on the design itself.

If you want to create one on your own, the best choice is to create an image of the size of your header (you can find it on individual design’s pages) – this way you’re sure that your image will not be stretched and will look exactly as you want it to be.

If you want to use one of the provided banners (or any image you have created), this is the Inspector panel you are looking for:

Ignore the “design-supplied” option: this just means that the default header is displayed.

A banner is an image located somewhere on your Mac: it’s not “inside” Sandvox nor inside the design: it’s just a regular file. So:

  • Open the Inspector
  • Choose the second tab (Appearance)
  • Choose the “Image fill” under the “Banner” section
  • Click on “Choose…”
  • Locate the image on your Mac

And that’s it!