Updates and future plans

This has been a difficult month for me, so I apologize for the delay in my replies to support requests. Things are (almost) back to normal now, so I’ back at work now.

First of all, I issued just now a minor update to Krypton: in the “Gallery” theme and option, submenus arrows were hidden. I changed this using darker arrows which are still unobtrusive but more coherent with the rest of the design. If you purchased Krypton, you should receive shortly an e-mail with a new download link.

Second, there’s a new design in the works. I can’t provide a release date yet, but most of the stuff is done. It will be a white-background theme with particular attention to typography.

There’s a debate about the position of the sitemenu: usually it’s placed below the header, but with my recent themes I decided to put it on top of the page. Someone likes it, someone doesn’t, it’s a matter of taste. With a tall header I understand that it may be less usable, but still I like it where it is in Hydrogen and Krypton for a number of other reasons. If you think the header is too tall for your taste, just remember that you can make it shorter via Code Injection, it’s very easy. Examples:


#title h1, #title h1 a {height:120px !important;}


#title {height:120px !important;}

As usual, feature requests and feedback are always welcome.