Late July news

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This is a brief update before I leave for my definitely well-deserved summer vacations :-)

  • Support is not guaranteed until September 1st; I’ll check my e-mail from time to time, but my possibility to reply and solve problems will be impaired.
  • All my designs are created from scratch for Sandvox 2 and all of them support hierarchical menus, as well as other Sandvox 2 features.
  • No design supports the “blockquote” object: maybe in September I’ll release an update to add this feature. This is the only thing that is missing.
  • Demo site is broken if browsed from Lion’s Safari 5.1. I won’t fix this because the code is correct and I really hope that Apple releases an update ASAP. In the meantime, if you installed Lion, you need to use Firefox or Chrome to check the demos. Sorry about that.

See you in September!