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Well, it’s been a long time since the last news here at BehindTheRabbit, so here are a few lines about what’s going on.

First of all – as you may know – this is not my main job, so sometimes “real” life calls me back and the time available for coding goes approximately to zero. Moreover in the last few months I decided to improve my skills with Objective-C and Javascript. This will take me somewhere, but not soon: the journey is long.

At this point, I decided to refocus some of my activities.

I suspended the development of RapidWeaver themes; I’m a little sad about this, but I really haven’t got time for three different platforms. RapidWeaver is fun and quite powerful, but it’s something in the middle: Sandvox is easier, WordPress is more powerful and both are funnier to develop; having to drop one of the three, the choice wasn’t so hard. The only theme I created for RW should work fine with RW5, but I don’t want to distribute a theme that isn’t fully tested, so I pulled it. For the future, we’ll see.

I decided to reactivate a blog I used to have in italian (this time it will be in english, of course). It was kind of a repository of links and articles I found useful during my web surfing: it was a “pre-Facebook” and “pre-cloud” era, so that was the best way to share bits of informations between friends and, mostly, to keep trace of them myself (informations, not friends). Using my iPad, Pulse and Instapaper I started again to browse a large number of articles online so mantaining this blog isn’t a big deal. It will also be my personal lab, so something fun may happen sooner or later. For example, it’s written in HTML5 and some JQuery may come later.

The blog will be officially online in a few days, just after a rapid check of browsers compatibility and a few tweaks. For it I created a brand new WordPress theme, very simple, very white, that could be the draft for the next Sandvox Design.

That’s it for now, see ya again in 2-3 days.