New Sandvox Design: Sugar

I was pretty satisfied with BehindTheRabbit’s redesign, so I thought: wouldn’t be nice to make a Sandvox Design out of it? The answer was easy. I spent my spare time this summer working on the code and during the last few days I completed the package and all the testing (and boring) stuff.

Now the design is ready and, as I was for this website, I’m quite satisfied again. My most appreciated themes are Carbone and Grafite, but I think that Sugar will join them soon.

Lucky owners of this design will have four different themes (default blue, light green, orange and red) and eight header variations (to use one, just select it as your banner). The original headers are included too, so if you want to modify them with a graphic application (to override the logo size limitation, for example, or to create something more peculiar), you can. Header files are in a flat .png format.

Its name is Sugar.