Update on BtR

Few lines to explain what’s going on here and why there’s no update since a while.

First of all, after a couple of really tough years (I think that my main job – psychotherapist – is a strong indicator of economical crisis and of some massive culture phoenomenons and these last years have been really particular for both situations; but that’s another story) I’m quite busy now with my profession. Which is good news. For me, at least. I’m not dropping web design but, of course, priority goes to paying my bills.

Second, in the last year I started to consolidate my too many projects: some of them are now closed or going to be, some merged together, some other are suspended while I figure out where they should be directed to fully express their potential. Sometimes I experiment quietly new solutions (photography, facebook page and so on), not investing too much time in them, just exploring their potential.

This blog is one of them and I still plan to expand its topics but since I have to be very careful to be unobtrusive to people who just wat updates on themes and designs the whole thing has to be prepared with some attention. I’ll be probably working on this in July.

Now about themes: no big news for June, I think you can expect at least a new Sandvox Design in July and maybe that famous port of Grafite to RapidWeaver as well. No news on the WordPress side because I’m not up-to-date enough and version 3.0 is getting closer and closer.

Support is available as always, at the usual conditions, no change about that.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome, thank you everybody for your support and kindness and see you really soon!