My new personal webpages

personalA lot of work these days to totally redesign my personal web pages. My previous website wasn’t organized, was mainly in italian and moreover it was a subfolder of another site, one of my (too) many projects.

I moved the new one to its own domain (it’s the first time I use the “.me” suffix).

About the code: I gave up with javascript frameworks (I initially thought about a mootools or JQuery effect for the top navigation menu) and with a custom @font-face: Cantarell, my first choice, looks great on Mac and I decided to implement this CSS3 function, but it’s ugly on Firefox for Windows (at least in Parallels). So I kept it simple: dynamic html with few php scripts.

For the graphics I must credit the “About me” pages of Khoi Vinh and Grace Smith as the source of my inspiration (well, even more than just an inspiration). As usual, Smashing Magazine has been a precious resource when I was struggling with indecision. Even if you’re not a designer, keep an eye on SM: you’ll find there a lot of useful information.