Sandvox 1.6.2

Karelia released today Sandvox 1.6.2: it’s strongly suggested to upgrade. From Karelia’s mailing list:

We have just released Sandvox 1.6.2.  This is an important bugfix update that all Sandvoxers should update to.  It fixes a rarely-seen problem that could result in data loss, so we recommend you update your copy of Sandvox to this version.

This update also fixes an issue with the preferences for automatically checking for updates. Because of this problem, you may not be automatically notified of this new version from within the program! It’s important to check manually this time.  After downloading and installing the new version, we suggest you open up the Preferences window (from the Sandvox menu) and select your update preferences.  You can choose to have Sandvox automatically check for updates to release versions, for beta versions, or neither (which means you will have to check manually).