How to embed a “Pen”

Some code I provide is presented as a “Pen”. A Pen is a collection of HTML, CSS and Javascript delivered by CodePen along with a live preview. It’s a very fast and easy way to play with code.

You can access the code directly from BehindTheRabbit (using the tabs “HTML”, “CSS”…) or go to the linked CodePen website. On CodePen you can also change the code as you like and see live what’s the result. When you’re ready, just copy the code and use it in Sandvox.

Most likely, you need to create a Raw HTML object and insert there the “HTML” part of the code. CSS can be added both via Page or Site Code Injection, the usual way.

No Pen here needs Javascript so far. If/when I’ll write a Pen with Javascript, I’ll add here the instructions for inserting that code too.