Improve your designing skills and learn how to perfectly manage your website with these tutorials.

Sandvox Tutorials

  • Ready-made Code
    Learn how to apply the Ready-made Code provided with some Designs. Mix options and customize your website with just two lines of simple code.
  • Customize styles in Sandvox
    While Sandvox lets you choose many features of your website, sometimes you want to tweak your theme more: if you feel ready to use some code, just few lines will greatly amplify your possibilities.
  • How to use gradients in your Sandvox Design
    Use the complimentary textures provided with some BehindTheRabbit’s designs to further customize your website.
  • Use free webfonts in Sandvox
    Webfonts are one of the most amazing opportunities available nowadays and, with Google offering hundreds of them for free, you can’t miss it.
  • Customize your background
    A very common request is “how do I change the background of my website? Can I use a custom image?”. In this tutorial we’ll play with background using few lines of code and an FTP program.
  • How to embed a “Pen”
    Some snippets are published as “Pens”. You can preview and edit them on the fly. Here’s how.

Useful blog posts

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