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WordPress & GPL

A very clear interview with Matt Mullenweg about WordPress, GPL, and licencing issues (and solutions) for themes and plug-ins. (Original at higher resolution here)

Update to StupidGenius

My most appreciated WordPress theme, StupidGenius, has been updated just now (again). By default, in single posts and pages you have no sidebar. Most users like that, because of its clean look and good readability of post’s content. Some of them prefer the sidebar to be always displayed, instead. With this update you can simply […]

Bug fixes to all WordPress free themes

An update to all my WordPress themes is available now from WordPress Free Themes Directory (and from their pages on this website). The fix corrects an issue with center-aligned images (ther was a conflict between an old margin default for images and the – well, not so – recently added style for object alignement). That’s […]

All WP themes have been updated

All our three WordPress themes have been updated and are now available for download from the WordPress Themes Directory. Here are the most relevant changes: Support for galleries (only StupidGenius) Support for “paginated” pages Explorer 6 bug fix for “pre” blocks wider than post width Description tags modified to comply with new WordPress Themes guidelines […]