Use of rounded borders, text shadows and box shadows on a white background gives this design a really clean and elegant look. Sugar looks good both with pictures and text and is suitable for many different purposes, from photo collections to blogs mainly focused on text.


Variations included: 4 (Blue, Red, Green, Orange)
Banners included: 8
Ideal banner width: 960×140px
Support for: Hierarchical menus, bordered pagelets, custom banner and logo
Other features: CSS3 effects, shadows, transitions
Sandvox-1 version included
Improved typography for printers

You can choose between four different designs (blue, green, orange, red), each with its own personality.

Inside the package you will find eight extra headers that slightly modify the default ones. If you want something special, you can create your own header (let it be a 960×140 pixels image).

Sugar 2.0, originally designed for Sandvox 1.6, is a complete redesign that takes full advantage of the new features Sandvox 2 comes with. Moreover, it adds a full set of new CSS3 gradients and transitions that will give your visitor a very pleasant experience.

If you’re still using Sandvox 1.6, the old, compatible version is still included.

What’s in the box

Sugar comes with a selection of ready-made banners for your header

  • One Sandvox 2-only design, that includes all the variations
  • Four legacy Sugar 1.0 designs, included for compatibility with Sandvox 1.6
  • Eight extra headers (plus the four default ones)

Price and requirements

Price: Free.


Latest version: 2.0.6 (206)