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Lithium is a white-background, wide theme with improved typography and an elegant layout. It’s perfect for corporate sites, blogging or personal pages, but its brand new photo-galleries make it really stand out if you’re a photographer.

Subtle lines, gradients, whitespace, rounded corners give this design great readability and a professional look.


You can choose between two different layouts: the default theme has the site menu on top of the page; the “classic” version places the site menu just below the header (as in most Sandvox designs).

Both options are available in three colors: dark blue, red and green, for a total of six variations.

One of the main features of Lithium is a brand new photo gallery index with large square thumbnails (220×220px) and titles displayed on a semitransparent overlay. This design follows the latest trend of many professional photo sites and creates beautiful and informative previews of your pictures.

Other features are:

  • Images scale up to 900px in pages with no sidebar and up to 580px in pages with sidebar: your photos have all the room they need.
  • Retina-ready with SVG images for perfect visualization on retina screens (requires Sandvox 2.8).
  • Webfonts: headers and titles use Lato, an open source webfont automatically loaded from Google with a very small footprint: impact on loading time is minimal.
  • Hierachical menus
  • Bordered pagelets (both sidebar and callout)
  • Custom banner
  • Custom logo
  • Blockquote object
  • Pure CSS drop-down menus.
  • If you work with Raw HTML, you’ll see sub, sup, pre, code and blockquote tags nicely formatted.
  • Gracefully degrading for older browsers.
  • Printer-friendly: a specific style sheet makes pages look good when printed.
  • Unobtrusive transitions on buttons, forms, sitemaps, image grids.


Lithium metrics


Choose for your custom banner – if you need one – a 120px tall image, possibly a gradient or a solid color image (it will be tiled horizontally for the whole width of the page).

For your photo thumbnails, “Scale to fill” is the suggested option.

Please consider that site title and header shouldn’t be longer than one line to nicely fit inside the header.


You can check these posts on the blog:


Lithium requires Sandvox 2.7 or later (Sandvox 2.8 required for retina-ready websites).

Please, read our policy before you buy.

Latest version: 1.0.4 (1045)