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Krypton Pro is a superset of Kryptonite, a free design bundled with Sandvox 2.8. Krypton Pro is a free upgrade to all previous Krypton customers.

While Kryptonite satisfies most needs, some users may want more customization options. Krypton Pro offers one more variation (“Gallery”, see below) and four different customization options via Code Injection.

Differences between Kryptonite and Krypton Pro

Kryptonite Krypton Pro
Variations 2: right sidebar and left sidebar 3: right sidebar, left sidebar and “Gallery”
Ready-made code injection 0 4 options
Price Free with Sandvox 2.8 € 3.99


Krypton Pro comes in three variations: Default (with right sidebar), Left sidebar and “Gallery”.

If you choose the “Gallery” variation (exclusive to Krypton Pro), the header will be hidden whenever navigation arrows are displayed (and only in that case – anywhere else the default layout will be used).

Choose this variation if you need to set up sleek and minimalistic galleries for your photo collections and don’t want to waste time with code or hand-made customizations.


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Customize via Code Injection

You can use and mix the following options using just two lines of code.

These options override the selected variation: for example, you can create a page with both a left sidebar and the “Gallery” option active, just within the Default design. Another page in the same site may have just the left sidebar.

These options are activated via Code Injection either site-wide or on a per-page basis. Here is how. First of all, choose the option or options you want to activate, according to this table:

Option Codename Example
Sidebar located on the left left-sidebar Left Sidebar Page
“Gallery” layout (regardless of variation or navigation arrows) gallery Gallery Page
Remove the semi-transparent background for title and tagline no-title-bg No background header
Text shadow for title and tagline shadow-title Header with text shadow

Some examples:

  • <div class="left-sidebar gallery"> – This code moves the sidebar to the left side and uses the “Gallery” layout.
  • <div class="no-title-bg"> – This code removes the semi-transparent background that is shown under title and tagline if you’re using a banner for your website, making the whole header completely transparent.
  • <div class="no-title-bg shadow-title"> – This code removes the semi-transparent background and adds a text-shadow to both the title and the tagline.


Krypton Pro requires Sandvox 2.8 or later. Please, read our policy before you buy.

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Latest version: 2.0.1 (201)