Blue Raymond

Blue Raymond

Designed with blogs in mind, the main goal of Blue Raymond is readability, no matter how long your text is. Its wide layout, the white background, a polished typography make the reading experience easy and pleasant.


Ideal banner width: 900×133px
Support for: Hierarchical menus, bordered pagelets, custom banner and logo
Other features: CSS3 effects, shadows, transitions
Sandvox-1 version included
Improved typography for printers

The "minimal" design is also suitable for pictures, avoiding unnecessary distractions to the user.

If you’re still using Sandvox 1.6, the old, compatible version is still included.

What’s in the box

  • One Sandvox 2-only design
  • One legacy Blue Raymond 1.0 design, included for compatibility with Sandvox 1.6

Price and requirements

Price: Free.


  • Blue Raymond 2: Sandvox 2.0
  • Blue Raymond 1 (included): Sandvox 1.6
Latest version: 2.0.5 (205)