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My currency is not Euro, is this a problem?

Absolutely not: PayPal will manage the conversion seamlessly and you will be charged in your local currency.

I didn’t receive my download link

If you don’t receive your download link minutes after your payment, check your anti-spam folder on your computer or your anti-spam settings. If you think they’re ok, contact support.

How do I install/upgrade my new Design?

The e-mail you receive links to a compressed (.zip) file: once you’ve downloaded it, just double-click and your Mac will take care of creating a folder from it.

If you use third-party utilities for unzipping, please consider that they sometimes create unstable files and your design may not work properly.

Inside this folder you will find a number of different things: one is your Design (it looks like a white, squared brick). Double-click it and Sandvox will automatically import the design. Don’t forget to relaunch Sandvox as a last step.

How do I receive updates?

When you purchase a Design you are automatically added to its specific mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time, but doing so you will not receive a download link for updates anymore.

This mailing list is managed independently by BehindTheRabbit’s payment processor (e-junkie) and I cannot manually add customers again if they unsubscribe.

How do I use the provided banners/gradients?

Many designs come with a set of ready-made banners (for example Hydrogen, Sugar…) or gradients (for example Carbone, Grafite…) for your header.

A banner is a full-size picture, a gradient is just a smaller picture that is horizontally tiled by the design to fill the whole space inside your header.

The principle is the same for both; if you need more help on this topic you can read these pages:

I have a problem with my Sandvox Design

Before contacting support, try to switch to another design and see what happens: if your problem persists, the issue is not affecting the design and I can’t help.

If otherwise the issue is design-related, describe it at your best and be ready, if needed, to deliver a screenshot if requested. You can use Skitch to describe your issue.

If your page is online, even better: you can send the link so I can get through the code.

My Design doesn’t show up in the drawer

Double check the design’s requirements. Current designs require at least Sandvox 2.0, most recent designs require Sandvox 2.7 (which is a free update to Sandvox 2 users).

Are your Designs responsive?

Nope. I explain why in this post.

How do I activate hierarchical menus in Sandvox?

You don’t, they are active by default. Read this post to gather all the information you need about it:

Issues related to the upgrade from version 1.x to version 2.x of Sandvox:

These posts could help you: