Add a search box to your website

A very common request among Sandvox users is: “Can I add a search box to my website?”. An answer to this topic is already discussed here, but I’d like to put my two cents in. Sandvox cannot perform a search by itself: for this purpose you need a (much more complex) dynamic website. The form […]

How to create round images

Round images are a recent trend in web design, one I rather like if it’s used in moderation. CSS3 lets us to transform a square image into a round one with just few lines of code. In this example, we will use round images as thumbnails for a “Staff” section of a hypothetical website. It’s […]

Tips for embedding twitter on your website

Update (2013-05-31): this post has been updated to reflect recent changes in how twitter handles widgets. Sandvox had (it’s gone now with version 2.7.7) an useful “twitter” object for embedding a twitter timeline on your website with just a click. You can still use an HTML raw object to use twitter’s own presentation and have a […]

How to use a custom Banner

Since this is a very common request, I decided to write a post about it to clarify how banners work in Sandvox. Many designs come with a choice of ready-made “banners” or “gradients”. For gradients, you can skip directly to this tutorial (the principle is the same). Banners are simple jpg images, sized to fit […]