Beta test program

BehindTheRabbit is looking for testers! This is a closed number program, so if you’re interested, send your request now! Here is what this means for you:

What you will earn

  • Early access to upcoming products.
  • A free copy of the final version of the products you’re providing feedback to.
  • The possibility to influence the final design and to make it suitable for your particular needs.
  • Endless gratitude.

What is expected from you

  • Feedback!
  • The area you will work on is functionality: you are requested to check how the design works, not how it looks (feedback on this is surely useful, but this will not be the core of your beta testing activity).
  • Mostly appreciated is testing on different browsers (IE in particular).
  • You are expected to test as many Sandvox features as you can: pagelets, objects, forms, lists…

Please consider that

  • As a tester, you are required to provide feedback. Inactive testers will be removed from the program.
  • Products you’re testing are pre-release versions: by subscribing to the program you agree not to share any information about them during the development process.

Apply now!

If you’d like to apply, contact BehindTheRabbit using this form: