Grafite 3.0

Grafite 3Grafite 3.0 is a major update to Grafite, following (with an unforgivable delay…) the similar update to its twin Design, Carbone.

As for Carbone, this update doesn’t add any visible feature, all the work is under the hood. So, if you’re ok with Grafite 2.x and you don’t feel comfortable with updating your design, this is not mandatory. If you’re interested though, this is what you’re going to enjoy.

New features:

  • Retina ready!
  • Ready-made code injections!
    • Move the sidebar to the right
    • Move the header to the right
    • Move the site menu to the left
    • Center the page title
    • Change the main font to Georgia /serif
    • Switch to the “Mini” layout

Relevant to previous users are these changes:

  • Support for the “blockquote” object has been added.
  • The maximum size of images has increased from 700px to 730px (pages with no sidebar) and from 500px to 570px (pages with sidebar). This means the images are now full-width.
  • The design is entirely built on CSS: no images anymore. This means faster loading times and more customization options.
  • Sub-menu carets and navigation arrows have a new look.
  • Dropped support for Sandvox 1.x. Sorry!

If you plan to upgrade, please back up your previous file in case version 3 doesn’t fulfill your expectations. I don’t think it will happen, but in my opinion this is a good practice for any major upgrade.

This package still includes 7 patterns you can use as background for your header (choosing them as banners). They are not retina-ready: if you’d like a retina ready banner you need to create one and make it 1.800×300px.

Grafite 3.0 requires Sandvox 2.7 or later (2.8 for retina-ready websites).