Simple Rabbit 3.0 released

Simple RabbitSimple Rabbit 3.0 has been released just now. It is a huge update.

First of all, it’s retina-ready (if you’re using Sandvox 2.8, of course). Few things were missing, that now are available (blockquotes, for example).

I refined everything I could without modifying the original look (carets, navigation arrows, box shadows and so on).

Moreover, most of what you see is made with CSS code: no images anymore (faster loading time, better experience).

Last but not least I added a bunch of ready-made code injection options as I did originally with Krypton. I think this is a great way to give customers a bit more customization with no need for a particular knowledge in coding.

I’m pretty happy with the result, hope you will enjoy it as well. I will be updating the other designs as soon as possible, so let’s keep in touch.