Hydrogen and Kryptonite bundled with Sandvox 2.8

I’m glad to announce that Hydrogen and Kryptonite have been acquired by Karelia and are now offered for free, bundled with Sandvox 2.8. You just need to update your copy of Sandvox and you’ll find them already installed.

First of all, let me thank Dan, Terrence and Mike for their support and appreciation. They are a great team and people at Karelia is wonderful.

Now, some explanation is required.


Hydrogen 2.8Hydrogen moves to version 2.8. There are two important new features in this update:

  1. It’s retina-ready. You can implement this Sandvox 2.8 new feature and enjoy the benefits of a retina-ready website with Hydrogen. I own a retina Mac and I can tell you that a retina friendly website is a huge, huge thing for retina users.
  2. Version 1.x of Hydro used to require a workaround to hide the title from the header while keeping the underlying banner visible. I managed to solve this limitation, so Hydrogen 2 doesn’t require anymore code injection, you can just hide and show the title as for any design. If you used this code, you can safely delete it from your Sandvox file.

A selection of ready-made banners was offered with the previous version of Hydrogen. You can now download them for free.

Krypton & Kryptonite

KryptoniteKrypton is a feature-rich design with few extra customization options available via code injection. We agreed that this is not proper for a bundled design, so we decided to use a more basic version of Krypton for this purpose, stripping down just the code injection options.

The result is Kryptonite, which is exactly how Krypton is if you don’t use extra code. Kryptonite too is retina-ready.

What about previous users of Krypton? No problem: Kryptonite is identified as a different design, so you keep both. In the next days an update to Krypton will be released to add retina support. To better differentiate the two designs, its name will change to “Krypton Pro”.

Krypton Pro will be available again for sale in a couple of weeks for users who still want to benefit from its code injection features for a special price of $4.99.

That said, let me say that I’m very, very happy about this announcement and I hope you will enjoy these two designs as I do.