New design: Krypton

KryptonKrypton is my latest design for Sandvox 2 (from now on all new designs from BehindTheRabbit will require Sandvox 2.7, so check that your version of Sandvox is up-to-date!).

It’s the “dark companion” of Hydrogen, the same way Grafite is to Carbone: they share the same width and proportions, they both rely almost exclusively on CSS for their look and for both of them pictures can be quite large (up to 900px on pages with no sidebar), a feature that photographers and artists will surely like.

Krypton comes in three basic variations: a “default” one with right sidebar; a “Left Sidebar” variation (guess what: it has the sidebar on the left); and a “Gallery” variation.

The latter has a different layout whenever navigation arrows are selected. If you need to setup a photo gallery and you want your pictures to be displayed in their own minimalistic layout, this is the easiest way to do so: most of the times, in fact, photo albums use navigation arrows while other pages usually have text or no navigation.

These three variations will serve 90% of users right out of the box.

For the first time, though, I’m introducing a new way of customizing your design: there’s some ready-made code included in the package that you just need to activate. No knowledge of CSS is required: just choose the option or options you want to activate, write them into one easy line of code and paste it into the right place (full instructions are on Krypton’s page).

This is an easy way to obtain a fine-grain control over your website or even single pages. For example, you can have in the same site one page with left sidebar, another with the “Gallery” layout, a third one with both.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Troy Cross: his website pushes Grafite a lot over the constraints I though it had; exchanging ideas with him while we were both working at our projects (we both were trying to transfer some Hydrogen features – he to his website, I to Krypton) has been helpful and inspiring. Check out his amazing photos too!