New design: Hydrogen

After a long break, I’m back at work on Sandvox (thanks to an impressive blizzard that hit Rome this week, keeping me at home for many days in a row…).

The long delay was due to my choice of going back to the drawing board: first of all Sandvox 2 is pretty different from Sandvox 1 (mostly in terms of elasticity) and it would be a pity not to consider this increased power. Second, the web has changed a lot in these two years and I had to reconsider a few things. My first design for Sandvox 2 is the blueprint for all following designs, so it needed some particular care. But here we are now, the wait is over.

Hydrogen is – apparently – pretty basic (white background, sans-serif font, just a dark-grey header): don’t get fooled, the devil is in the details. I focused on whitespace, typography, compatibility, flexibility and, mostly, giving content the best presentation possible. Effects (shadows, transitions…) are present but in the most unobtrusive way. This design has to be modern, not to say “look at me, I’m so modern”.

As it is, it’s good for almost anything. Images in single pages with no sidebar are displayed at 900px of width, much more than the usual 640px default, so it’s very good for photography. But I think that its readability makes it a very good start for bloggers too.

But if you have special needs and you know some CSS I think you’ll have a lot of fun customizing it with some code. Since its layout is so simple, few lines will let you change almost anything very easily (colors, headers, backgrounds, typography… it’s like a blank canvas). Soon I’ll post more examples about this in the blog.

In few words, I’m pretty happy about it and I hope you will enjoy it too.

For all its features (which are a lot), take a look at its page.