Redesign!After a couple of weeks of hard work (it took much longer than I thought) today I finally completed this website’s massive redesign. The orginal website was built two years ago and things weren’t all clear at that time; adding things one at a time made the whole site become confuse: it was the time to rethink everything and to go back to the drawing board.

First of all, the whole website runs on WordPress now (previously the blog was on WordPress, the remaing part was built by hand in php). As an obvious effect, the blog has been absorbed by the main site and now they are merged, so there’s no “” anymore (old links will work anyway for a while).

Second, I moved the demo site back to its original position at

About the internal organization, I decided to hide pages about suspended or discontinued projects (RapidWeaver and WordPress) but you should expect some good news on the WP side sooner or later.

Tutorials are clearly visible on their own page and aren’t scattered anymore inside the blog.

I double checked everything but I’m sure something still needs some tuning: if you find any malfunction please let me know at support [at] behindtherabbit [dot] com (or via twitter @cmgaston).

I hope you’ll like it as I do, happy navigation!